Living in the Midwest, we are no strangers to a plethora of lovely trees. Southeastern Wisconsin has many species of native trees, Ash trees being among them. Ash trees are known for being hardy, adaptable, and having great fall color. However, the Emerald Ash Borer has had a major hinderance on these trees.

The Ash Borer is a Beetle Bug that was found in our area in the Summer of 2008 and since then has been extremely aggressive and prevalent. It is the larva, not the beetle, that causes the damage and decline of the tree.

If you have NOT had your trees treated, your Ash Tree(s) have the Ash Borer! Even if you do not see your Ash tree looking sick, it is dying and/or dead. And unless you have been regularly treating your Ash Tree(s) since 2008, they too are dying and/or dead.

If it is not showing already, signs that the Ash tree is infected includes

– Thinning canopy
– Loss of branches
– Woodpeckers (they feed on the larvae)
– D-shaped holes in the bark (typically in May, June, or July)
– Splitting bark
– S-shaped tunnels under the bark

It is highly recommended to remove your Ash Tree(s) prior to significant decline for many different safety reasons. Call us for a free estimate!

Ash trees in wisconsin

There are approximately 65 species of Ash trees; with about 18 of them residing in the United States. While the Ash tree is related to olive trees, the Ash trees we find in Wisconsin are sturdier and can withstand our harsh midwest winters. Some defining characteristics of an Ash tree include:

– ark green leaves in spring and summer
– leaves growing in groups of five, seven, or nine leaflets on opposite branching structures
– small clusters of small white or purple flowers produced after leaves emerge
– the females of the species will produce light brown, winged seeds resembling paddles that will drop in late fall or early winter
– fall foliage can be golden yellow or reddish-purple, depending upon the species

While many Ash tree species are native to the United States, these particular species are prevalent in Southern Wisconsin and are likely the type in your yard:

– Green Ash
– Mountain Ash
– White Ash
– Black Ash

Emerald Ash Borer

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