pink weeping cherry tree
Now that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer, it seems like a great time to begin working on your lawns and gardens. It’s also a great time to plant a tree. Planting a tree is not only for the aesthetic value, but trees also conserve energy, clean the air, provide food, preserve soil and can even add value to your property. However, it is important to keep in mind what it is you want your new tree to do, as not all trees are equally suited for all planting locations. When thinking about planting a new tree, it is important to choose a spot that favors the tree.

A few things to keep in mind to help you with this task are:

• What will the function of your tree be?
For instance, do you want a big leafy tree that can provide shade on those long, hot summer days? Do you want a beautiful evergreen that can provide privacy or will your tree be simply ornamental? You can also plant trees to protect from the wind and reduce rain runoff and pavement glare when a summer storm pops up. Once you know the function you wish your tree to provide, you can begin to think about where your tree will best serve its purpose.

privacy evergreen garden• In what location will your tree be planted?
Now that you have decided the function of your tree, you can find the perfect location for it to be planted. Keep in mind that while a big leafy oak tree looks pretty, it may not provide privacy if placed in the middle of your yard. The same goes for evergreens; while they provide excellent privacy and protection from the wind when placed on the edge of your yard or patio area, they may not provide shade if planted to the north or otherwise not between you and the angle of the sun.

• How large will the tree get?
Another important factor when picking out your new tree is how large it will get. This will be a major deciding factor when choosing a location to plant your new tree. You want to be sure that your tree won’t obstruct views or impede on power lines, as both of these could be potentially dangerous. You also want to be sure not to plant too close to your home, as roots could damage your foundation or any underground utility lines that may be there. You also want to plant further from your home as the canopy could damage your roof, if a limb or branch were to fall.

Another thing to keep in mind when preparing to plant your new tree is the location of electric, gas, water, or sewer lines. Be sure to have your local utility company identify these spots to avoid potential risk or costly repairs.

Whether you are ready to move ahead with your yard’s newest addition or just have questions about a potential landscaping project, give the experienced team at Dan’s Tree Service a call!