Delafield, WI
Repeat Customer

There were 7 Ash trees, in various forms of decline. The lot is significantly populated with hardwoods. Because of the heavily wooded lot, landscape design of the property, and proximity to the house, trees were not easily accessible and take down had to be “precise” using multiple ropes and lowering devices. And as usual, operator and crew had to be continually communicating and evaluating each step.

Because of the variety of hardwoods on the property (White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, Ironwood, Black Cherry, etc.) the removal of the Ash Trees was not as apparent.

Customer Review

Michael W.: By far the best tree service I’ve ever used. We have a wooded acre and having tree work done, in one form or another, is an annual event. I won’t even consider using another service as Dan’s Tree Service, Inc. is hands down the only cost effective, truly reliable choice I have. His crew is fast, he is reasonably priced, and they are CLEAN. His attention to detail and the way he left my property added even more value to an already good deal. I cannot recommend Dan’s Tree Service, Inc. highly enough.

Dan’s Tree Service Reply: It is an absolute pleasure to be of service. Michael is a valued repeat customer. I respect what his needs are and strive to go above and beyond. His loyalty is “hands down” immeasurable and greatly appreciated!