Brookfield, WI
First Time Customer

During initial walk through, I determined the multiple different species of trees, each with their own issues and specifics trimming needs. I was able to show her exactly what would be done and why, i.e., sharing knowledge and expertise so the client understands. It was also confirmed that her Ash trees had indeed been treated for Emerald Ash Borer as I will not trim unless they have been.
This job was not a straight forward job (bring the portable lift in and trim). There were a lot of different “approaches” needed to get the job done:

  • Ornamentals were over foliated with an abundance of water sprouts and sucker sprouts. I had to finely prune them with great detail, using ladders, pole saws; hand tools.
  • Locust tree in back yard was not accessible with my portable lift. We had to climb the tree, carefully lowering branches over fence, flower beds, and other trees.
  • Ash trees were done using the portable lift, power pole saws, and chain saws.
  • Removed 2 black walnut volunteers due to squirrels planting nuts, a very common occurrence.

I always strive to go above and beyond. On this particular job I did take out some invasive species (buckthorn and Choke Cherry) at no extra cost.

Customer Review

Mary C.: Professional, timely, efficient, fastidious.

Dan’s Tree Service Reply: Mary, thank you for your business and taking your valuable time to leave a review (love the word choices)! Trimming is probably my favorite part of the job and doing it correctly to maintain the health of the tree is definitely my priority. It was a pleasure to have been of service.