tree trimming services
Everyone knows that a properly trimmed tree looks pretty, but a properly trimmed tree also allows for the tree to reach its full potential and live a long life. Trimming trees focuses on removing dead, dying & diseased branches, and branches that may inhibit the tree from growing properly (branches that rub together or branch stubs). Trimming also allows for a more open canopy, which allows for light and air to filter throughout the entire tree which increases foliage and decreases disease. By trimming trees in a certain way you can encourage fruiting & flowering, as well as control the shape and size of the tree. Trimming trees also creates a safer environment as trimmed trees are stronger & healthier.

In the Pewaukee and Delafield area, the four most popular tree trimming methods are crown thinning, crown raising, crown reduction and crown cleaning. The crown of the tree is essential for producing a healthy tree and without a strong, healthy crown the rest of the tree will weaken over time.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the most common trimming performed on mature trees. Thinning the crown involves trimming specific live branches to reduce the density of a tree. Crown thinning can also reduce stress on limbs from gravity, wind, ice & snow. Thinning should be consistent and not change the size or shape of the tree. Only 10 – 20 percent of tree branches should be removed from the edge of the canopy.

Crown Raising

Crown raising lifts the bottom edge of limbs up to clear for traffic, building or view and should be performed over time, to reduce the weakening of the tree. It is suggested to remove only a few limbs, less than 4 inches in diameter, when trimming every year. The live crown should make up 60 percent of the tree, anything less than this could cause the tree to become weakened. Conifers are an exception to this rule, and can be balanced at up to 50 percent crown & 50 percent trunk and still have a strong, healthy tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is typically reserved for older, more mature trees. It can help strengthen & encourage new tree growth. Crown reduction consists of removing a tree branch back to a growing lateral branch. When spring growing season begins, this lateral branch will become part of the new tree crown. Crown thinning is performed to reduce limbs & foliage, however, the goal is to remove old growth and encourage new.

Crown Cleaning

The purpose of crown cleaning is to remove dead, diseased and broken branches. Crown cleaning can be performed at any time and should be included as a part of crown thinning, raising and reduction. Cleaning of the crown strengthens the tree and helps prevents future damage to the tree and surrounding property.

With routine maintenance you can keep your trees, healthy and strong for years to come in the Waukesha area. Don’t wait for an accident or your trees to become disorderly, contact us today for your tree trimming needs!