Waukesha tree watering and tree removal

Often, we hear questions about how much to water and how often to water plants and trees, especially when they’re new. Any water schedule you may find online, or even the one we provide our customers, are really a GUIDELINE.

There is so much to take into consideration on proper watering:

– What area of the country you live in
– Weather (temperature and rain fall) conditions
– Your soil
– The grade of your land where the plantings are
– What type of planting is done

Now, having said this, the ultimate time in Waukesha, Wisconsin to plant is Spring. Plants should be in the ground by June 1st, depending on weather conditions that particular year. Why?

Your newly planted stock needs to develop the deep vigorous root system prior to Winter. And, you need proper watering so it gets down deep to the roots to have healthy plant(s).

Below is what we provide our clients; we emphasize this several times during our final walk-through. And we further emphasize how urgent it is to re-adjust watering frequency during the hotter months of summer.

Watering Your New Plants:

How Often To Water:

Week One – Water 3 times a week
Week 2 & 3 – Water 2 times a week
Week 4+ – Water once a week for the rest of the year

How Much To Water:

Tree (2-3″ trunk diameter) – 5 gallons each time, which equates a 15 minute trickle
Shrubs (12-24″ tall) – 2-3 gallons each time, which equates a 6-9 minute trickle

Watering Notes:

– Water by hand with a slowly running hose. Avoid using a lawn sprinkler to water your plants.
– Water perennials and ground covers enough to moisten 2″ of soil.
– Plants need a few good waterings even in mid to late November.
– Water amounts/frequencies are approximate and will vary with weather, soils, etc.

Waukesha tree watering and tree removal

Waukesha tree watering and tree removal

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