Taking care of your lawn, plants, and garden may seem like an easy task. However, when it comes to caring for and trimming your trees, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Below are several reasons why you should hire a local tree trimmer, beyond the obvious one of it’s dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Fruit Tree Care

Fruit Trees: If you have fruit trees, it is especially important to hire a professional tree trimmer. Proper trimming encourages growth and can enhance the fruit production of your tree. A professional can also provide recommendations to help prevent any diseases.

Save Your Tree: Professional tree trimmers can detect any issues your tree may be having, from disease to bug infestation, before they cause major damage to your tree and property. Providing routine maintenance can help your tree grow properly and keep it healthy and beautiful.

Diseased Tree Care

Property Safety & Protection: If you ever need to have a tree removed, it is best to hire a professional, especially if it is near a house or building. Your yard could be host to a number of dangers, including underground piping for gas, water, or sewage or above ground power lines. There is a chance that if you try to remove the tree yourself, you could potentially damage any of the pipes or other structures on your property. You also run a higher risk of injuring yourself.

Safely Remove Limbs: Professional tree trimmers can safely remove dead or diseased limbs to ensure that the limbs won’t cause further harm in the future during storms or high winds. These professionals can also reach and remove higher or larger limbs with the proper practices, tools, and machinery.

Permits & Legalities: It is likely that you aren’t up to date on what permits or laws go along with having your tree trimmed or removed. However, by hiring a professional, you don’t need to be as they will know all of the applicable laws and have the proper permits.

When properly cared for, trees are beautiful and highly beneficial. They provide a multitude of benefits such as oxygen production, homes for animals, shade, and even food. Call our team at Dan’s Tree Service and let us care for your trees!