New Berlin, WI
First Time Customer

During initial walk through, I determined the multiple different species of trees and determined what needed to be done and how far back the trees needed to be trimmed. We discussed what should be done based on my years of experience to prevent issues in the future and an estimate of how soon the work could be completed.

Due to weather and the variety of projects on our schedule, we were able to perform this job a couple weeks ahead of schedule as communicated to the client. This job involved standard trimming of the two trees in the front of the house as well as a couple trees in the back. The trees in the back had several limbs that were growing over the roof. The removal of these limbs required careful attention to lower them using ropes to avoid damaging the roof. Below are some photos of the various trees after trimming.

Customer Review

Dan B.: I spoke to Dan on June 12th regarding some major tree trimming that I needed performed for four trees on my property. Two of the trees were encroaching on the house, with one having major branches over and rubbing on the roof. Dan came out the same day to take a look at what I needed done and I received the estimate later that same night. I told Dan I wanted to move forward and they put me on the schedule and estimated within four weeks. On June 22nd I woke up to find Dan and his crew here beginning to complete the work. They decided to do my work earlier because it fit that day’s forecast due to timing and location. You can’t beat a 10 day turnaround time from initial contact through completion of the work. I am very happy with how the work turned out and will be contacting Dan again in the future when I need additional tree services.

Dan’s Tree Service Reply: Thank you very much for choosing to work with us, Dan. We are pleased to hear you are happy with your experience and we appreciate your review!

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